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Nigerian Students in UK Face Expulsion Over Currency Crisis

Nigerian Students in UK Face Expulsion Over Currency Crisis

A group of Nigerian students studying at Teesside University in the UK are facing expulsion and being ordered to leave the country due to difficulties in paying their tuition fees on time. This comes as the devaluation of the naira has made it challenging for them to meet their financial obligations, resulting in a breach of visa sponsorship requirements.

The university, citing strict external regulations, has taken action against these students, with some being barred from continuing their studies, reported to the Home Office, and instructed to depart from the UK. Despite efforts by the affected students to seek support and negotiate payment plans, they found themselves abruptly removed from their courses, causing distress and disappointment among them.

Among those affected is Adenike Ibrahim, who had paid 90% of her tuition fees but still faced visa revocation and expulsion. Another student, Esther Obigwe, struggled with depression after repeatedly trying to address her financial difficulties with the university to no avail.

Jude Salubi, a student in the midst of a crucial placement, was shocked to learn of his suspension and expulsion despite his efforts to settle outstanding fees.

Teesside University, while acknowledging the financial struggles faced by some students, emphasizes its obligation to uphold visa regulations. However, students argue that the university’s response has been inadequate and call for greater support during these challenging times.

As the situation unfolds, affected students are left grappling with uncertainty and seeking solutions to secure their academic futures.

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