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FG Offers N2m Reward for Woman Accused of Abusing 10-Year-Old Maid

FG Offers N2m Reward for Woman Accused of Abusing 10-Year-Old Maid

The federal government has issued a two million Naira reward for information leading to the arrest of Mrs. Adachukwu Kukelu Okafor, who is accused of severely mistreating her 10-year-old maid.

Recently, a distressing video circulated online showing a young girl with severe burns on her body, including her buttocks, private parts, face, and body.

Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, announced during a press conference in Abuja on Monday, February 12, that Mrs. Okafor, believed to be a lawyer, is wanted by authorities for her alleged involvement in the incident.

Ohanenye said;

“I decided the keep quiet on the issue of Mrs Adachukwu Kukelu Okafor who burnt the private parts and body of her 10years old househelp with a hot knife and hot iron in Anambra state. I kept quiet because I thought it would have been solved by now but since it hasn’t, I have decided to wage into the issue.

“Some people wonder why the Women’s Affairs ministry always wages into issues but it is within my purview to get involved in anything that concerns women and children across the nation. So I will not listen anymore but would wage into any issue that concerns women and children across the country.

“With the President, we have right now, it’s time for Nigerians to fight for their rights and it can only happen with a President that listens and I don’t want Nigerians to miss out. So I am declaring Adachukwu Kukelu Okafor wanted.

“Please Nigerians, go out there, search for this woman, bring her out and hand her over to any police station. The Women’s Affairs Ministry is offering Two Million naira (N2 million) to anyone who finds her, hands her over to the police, helps the police in her capture or provides the information to the Women’s Affairs Ministry.

“We need the woman urgently because the girl is in pain and in the hospital, it could be your child or relative tomorrow so let’s not fold our hands.

“In a couple of days, this ministry would make a pronouncement on taking househelp that are less than 18 years, we are going to put a stop to it and need whistleblowers to give us information. Nigeria already has a law against taking underage maids, so we intend to implement it.

“Nigerians can also come to us and report such cases or cases of people who withhold other people’s wages or money and you would see immediate action.”

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