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Adachukwu Chukelu Okafor ‘Inserts Hot Knife Into Housekeeper’s Private Part’

Adachukwu Chukelu Okafor ‘Inserts Hot Knife Into Housekeeper’s Private Part’

Adachukwu Chukelu Okafor, a lawyer and self-confessed ‘lover of God’ who resides in Akpaka, Onitsha, has allegedly molested 10-year-old Happiness, whom she took into her household to serve as a housekeeper.

According to reports, Adachukwu brought Happiness into his home in January 2024 after contacting her parents to help her get a child who would assist her with house chores.

Adachukwu’s parents contacted Ifeoma Moughalu, Happiness’ guardian, who lives on the same street as them.

“It was Adachukwu’s parents who connected Ifeoma and Adachukwu,” said Calvin, a man who resides in the same neighbourhood as Adachukwu’s parents and Ifeoma.

Calvin told FIJ that after an agreement was reached, Ifeoma granted Adachukwu permission to take Happiness to her home in Okpakpa.

“In less than two weeks of taking Happiness in, Adachukwu molested her. Adachukwu claimed she told Happiness to bathe her 8-year-old son and she fondled his private parts,” said Calvin.

He told FIJ that Adachukwu used a hot pressing iron to burn Happiness’ buttocks. “She also used fire to heat up a knife and inserted it into the little girl’s vagina,” he added.

Calvin also said the molestation did not end there. “Happiness told us that she chained her, locked her in the house and starved her of food and water,” he said.

Calvin told reporters that after molesting the girl, Adachukwu called Ifeoma and ordered her to take Happiness back with her. “Adachukwu threatened Ifeoma that she would deal with her and use her influence as a lawyer if she misbehaved,” said Calvin.

Seeing the harm inflicted on Happiness by Adachukwu, Ifeoma took the 10-year-old to the hospital for treatment and contacted the police afterwards.

As of press time, Happiness is still in the hospital, while the lawyer is allegedly on the run.

“I don’t know if Ada has been arrested by the police,” Ifeoma told reporters.

Adachukwu Chukelu Okafor ‘Inserts Hot Knife Into Housekeeper’s Private Part’

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