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UN General Assembly vote on Palestine’s membership bid

UN General Assembly vote on Palestine's membership bid

The United Nations General Assembly recently approved Palestine’s bid to become a full UN member. The assembly called on the UN Security Council to reconsider favorably Palestine’s request for membership. The vote, which was overwhelmingly in favor of Palestine, reflects widespread global support for recognizing Palestine as a full UN member. While this vote does not grant Palestine full UN membership, it acknowledges its eligibility to join. However, the final decision still rests with the UN Security Council, where the United States is expected to veto it.

According to reports from NBC, US Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood stated that the Biden administration firmly opposed the resolution passed by the assembly.

“We’ve been very clear from the beginning there is a process for obtaining full membership in the United Nations, and this effort by some of the Arab countries and the Palestinians is to try to go around that,” Mr Wood said Thursday.

“We have said from the beginning the best way to ensure Palestinian full membership in the UN is to do that through negotiations with Israel. That remains our position.”

Wood pointed out that under the UN Charter, prospective UN members must demonstrate a commitment to peace, and their admission must be recommended by the Security Council before final approval by the General Assembly.

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