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Star Witness Backtracks on Testimony in Trump Legal Battle Against Fani Willis

Star Witness Backtracks on Testimony in Trump Legal Battle Against Fani Willis

In a high-profile legal battle, the star witness in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ disqualification hearing, Terrence Bradley, appeared to backtrack on his testimony about Willis’ relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade. This testimony is crucial as former President Donald Trump’s legal team aims to remove Willis from the case.

Bradley, a former law partner of Wade’s, initially claimed ignorance about the timing of Willis and Wade’s relationship but later admitted to speculating about it. This revelation came during a heated exchange between Bradley and Trump’s attorney, Steven Sadow.

Trump’s legal team argues that Willis started dating Wade before hiring him for Trump’s racketeering case. However, Bradley’s testimony failed to provide concrete evidence supporting this claim.

The defense introduced text messages between Bradley and one of Trump’s co-defendants’ attorneys, Ashleigh Merchant, suggesting Bradley had knowledge of the affair starting earlier than claimed. However, Bradley maintained he was merely speculating and couldn’t recall specifics.

Another witness, Robin Yeartie, testified previously that Willis and Wade’s affair began years before Willis hired him. Yet, Bradley’s testimony seemed to cast doubt on this assertion.

During cross-examination, Fulton County lawyers sought to discredit Bradley, highlighting his alleged personal vendetta against Wade due to a prior dispute and sexual assault allegations against Bradley.

The judge overseeing the case has yet to decide on the motion to disqualify Willis, Wade, and the DA’s office or dismiss the entire case, indicating the complexity and uncertainty surrounding this legal battle.

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