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South Africa Urges ICJ to Halt Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Alleges Genocide

South Africa Urges ICJ to Halt Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Alleges Genocide

South Africa has presented oral arguments at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, calling for an immediate cessation of Israel’s attacks on Gaza. This move is part of a broader case aiming to designate the actions of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) as genocidal acts against Palestinians.

Former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke, sworn in as an ad hoc judge, is part of the panel alongside 15 permanent judges. Ambassador Vusi Madonsela expressed severe concerns about the inability to prevent Palestinian killings, emphasizing Israel and other state parties’ obligations to prevent crimes against humanity and genocide in Gaza.

Justice Ronald Lamola condemned Hamas killings and kidnappings but argued that Israel’s retaliation cannot be justified. The ICJ proceedings unfolded as South Africa accused Israel of genocide, seeking an emergency suspension of Israel’s military campaign.

South Africa, represented by advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, pointed to Israel’s sustained bombing campaign and statements from Israeli leaders as evidence of genocidal intent. Israel rejected these accusations, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissing them as hypocrisy and lies.

The conflict stems from Hamas’ cross-border rampage on October 7, leading to Israel’s military campaign. South Africa’s allegations include Israel’s failure to provide essential assistance to Gaza and actions contributing to a humanitarian catastrophe.

The ICJ will consider emergency measures to halt the war, with Israel set to respond. The court’s final ruling on genocide allegations may take years, and while its decisions are without appeal, enforcement mechanisms are limited.

Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrations occurred in The Hague, mirroring the global divide on the issue. South Africa’s pursuit of justice in this context reflects its longstanding support for the Palestinian cause.

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