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Michelle Mone Admits Benefiting from £60m PPE Profit, Apologizes for Denial

Michelle Mone Admits Benefiting from £60m PPE Profit, Apologizes for Denial
Baroness Michelle Mone

Baroness Michelle Mone has publicly acknowledged that she stands to gain tens of millions of pounds in profit from the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the UK government during the pandemic through a company led by her husband, Doug Barrowman. In an interview with the BBC, the couple issued an apology for denying their involvement in the deal for over three years.

PPE Medpro, headed by Doug Barrowman, secured government contracts exceeding £200 million to supply PPE to the NHS through a “VIP lane” during the pandemic. Baroness Mone, the “source of referral” for PPE Medpro’s entry into the VIP lane, now admits that she and her children are beneficiaries of financial trusts linked to the profits, contradicting their previous denials.

While the UK government is suing PPE Medpro for £122 million plus costs for “breach of contract and unjust enrichment,” the couple maintains that the gowns supplied, albeit unused, were in accordance with the contract. Baroness Mone expressed dismay over the allegations, stating that her life had been “destroyed” by accusations and emphasized that lying to the press was “not a crime.”

Barrowman acknowledged that Baroness Mone and her family were set to benefit from the profits, asserting that it is typical when in a privileged position. The admission comes at a critical juncture as the legal proceedings unfold, with the UK government seeking redress over the quality of the provided protective gowns.

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