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Hunter Biden Defies Subpoena Amid President Joe Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry

Hunter Biden Defies Subpoena Amid President Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry
Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has defied a congressional subpoena demanding a private deposition before Republican investigators probing his business dealings. Insisting on public testimony, Biden criticized the closed-door approach, claiming it could lead to selective leaks and manipulation of information.

Addressing the media outside the U.S. Capitol, Biden accused Republicans of avoiding transparency and questioned their reluctance for an open process. Republican Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, expected “full cooperation” but, along with Rep. Jim Jordan, hinted at contempt of Congress proceedings due to Biden’s non-compliance.

The Republican-led impeachment inquiry seeks to link President Biden to his son’s business dealings, yet evidence directly implicating the elder Biden remains elusive. Democrats dismiss the inquiry as illegitimate, emphasizing a lack of definition regarding the alleged offenses.

Questions surround the ethics of the Biden family’s international business, with lawmakers asserting evidence of “influence peddling.” Hunter Biden, facing criminal charges in two states, denies financial involvement by his father. The House is set to authorize the impeachment inquiry, and Republicans hope a formal vote will strengthen their legal standing in enforcing subpoenas.

The White House dismisses the process as a “partisan smear campaign,” emphasizing the absence of evidence to support impeachment. Spokesperson Ian Sams labeled it a baseless fishing expedition, diverting attention from critical issues. As Hunter Biden insists on public testimony, the political drama unfolds against the backdrop of ongoing investigations and impeachment proceedings.

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