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Dozens Hamas Fighters Surrender to Israeli Forces

Dozens of Hamas members surrendered to Israeli forces in northern Gaza on Thursday, following their retreat during clashes with the advancing Israel Defense Forces near Jabaliya, as reported by the Times of Israel.

Footage from local Channel 13 depicted the surrender scene, showing numerous men lined up on a street, seated in rows with their hands raised above their heads. Additionally, a video displayed the Hamas members in the back of an Israeli military vehicle.

Channel 13 reporter Almog Boker estimated that more than a hundred Hamas fighters turned themselves in, the largest group to surrender to the IDF since Israel began its incursion into the Palestinian enclave.

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari confirmed the arrests on Thursday and said the men were taken into custody in “centers of gravity” for the terrorist group.

“Whoever is left in those areas, they come out from tunnel shafts, and some from buildings, and we investigate who is linked to Hamas, and who isn’t. We arrest them all and interrogate them,” Hagari said during a news conference.

The northern Gaza city has seen some of the most intense fighting in recent days as the IDF raided Hamas’ general security headquarters in the area.

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