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4.6-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Storm-Battered Los Angeles Area in California

4.6-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Storm-Battered Los Angeles Area in California

A 4.6-magnitude earthquake struck the Los Angeles area, centered several miles northwest of Malibu, California. The quake, occurring at 1:47 p.m. local time, caused minor shaking felt by residents across the region. Although there were no reports of significant damage or injuries, the event prompted authorities to enter “earthquake mode,” ensuring safety across the city.

Following a series of winter storms that battered the area, the earthquake added to the challenges faced by residents. Despite its relatively mild impact, the quake was felt by as many as 12 million people and prompted warnings to check for any damage to residences and to assist vulnerable neighbors.

The earthquake occurred near faults in the region, including the Malibu Coast Fault, which runs towards Santa Monica. While the potential for a larger quake diminishes rapidly over time, experts emphasize the importance of earthquake preparedness, particularly ensuring access to drinking water in the event of disruptions to the water supply.

The timing of the earthquake, on the anniversary of the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, serves as a reminder of the region’s seismic risks. As residents continue to recover from recent storms, the earthquake underscores the need for vigilance and readiness in earthquake-prone areas like Southern California.

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