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Tinubu Launches Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway Construction Amid Controversy

Tinubu Launches Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway Construction Amid Controversy

President Bola Tinubu’s arrival in Lagos marked the commencement of the ambitious Lagos-Calabar Superhighway project, spanning 700 km and estimated at N15 trillion. This initiative aims to connect Lagos to Cross River, traversing several states along Nigeria’s coastline.

Despite criticisms over the timing and disruptions caused by demolitions, Works Minister Dave Umahi defended the project’s importance. Tinubu’s visit coincided with the commissioning of various infrastructural projects across Nigeria, including road rehabilitations and bridge constructions.

During the 3rd stakeholders meeting, Umahi announced Tinubu’s directive to begin construction immediately in Cross River and Akwa Ibom states, bypassing earlier phases. This decision followed adjustments to the highway’s alignment, prioritizing national security and environmental concerns.

The highway’s significance extends beyond connectivity, with plans for tourism centers along its route. Umahi emphasized the project’s economic potential and assured swift returns on investment upon completion.

Addressing critics, Umahi underscored the project’s transparency and adherence to procurement regulations. He outlined future plans to link the coastal highway with other major routes, enhancing trade and regional integration.

As construction kicks off, stakeholders anticipate a transformative impact on Nigeria’s infrastructure landscape. The project symbolizes the nation’s commitment to progress and prosperity, underlining Tinubu’s and Umahi’s determination to deliver tangible results.

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