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Paul Pogba Denies Retirement Rumors, Vows to Fight for Career

Paul Pogba Denies Retirement Rumors, Vows to Fight for Career

French midfielder Paul Pogba has denied rumors of his retirement, affirming his commitment to continue his football career despite recent challenges, including injuries and a doping controversy.

In an interview with Sky Sport on Tuesday, Pogba declared, “I’m still a football player. Don’t believe the rumors about my retirement. I want to fight for my career, and I’m optimistic.”

The 31-year-old Juventus player emphasized his dedication to the sport, stating, “I’m not finished. I’m training hard and still 100% a footballer. I can’t wait to return to the pitch.”

Pogba, who has been suspended since testing positive for doping twice, is awaiting a hearing date with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to potentially reduce his four-year ban. He remains hopeful about his future in professional football.

“If you haven’t seen me say I’m retiring, it means I’m not. I still feel like a footballer and want to fight this injustice,” Pogba said. “I train daily, doing everything I can to get back on the pitch.”

Although Pogba can’t play or train with Juventus, he continues to work with a fitness coach and a personal football coach at his Turin mansion. He also expressed his desire to return to competitive action, stating, “I have an incredible desire to come back. I feel like a child who wants to be a professional.”

Pogba recently attended France’s 1-0 win against Belgium in the Euro 2024 round of 16, where he visited the French dressing room to celebrate with his former teammates.

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