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Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Fight Postponed Due to Tyson’s Health Scare

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Fight Postponed Due to Tyson's Health Scare

The highly anticipated boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, scheduled for July 20, has been postponed following a health scare involving Tyson. The 57-year-old former heavyweight champion fell ill on a flight last weekend due to an ulcer flare-up, prompting concerns about his readiness for the bout.

Despite Tyson’s reassurance that he’s feeling better and eager to compete, medical advice has led to a temporary halt in his training regimen. Both Tyson and Paul have expressed their commitment to rescheduling the fight, with Tyson asserting his determination to deliver an unforgettable performance later this year.

The bout, initially sanctioned by Texas boxing officials, was set to feature special rules, including eight two-minute rounds and larger gloves to mitigate power. Despite criticisms about the age difference between the fighters, anticipation for the event has been high, with tickets already sold and plans to stream the fight live on Netflix.

While the new fight date is yet to be announced, both Tyson and Paul remain determined to showcase their skills in what promises to be a historic matchup.

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