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Luka Modric Wins MVP in Heartbreaking Draw Against Italy

Luka Modric Wins MVP in Heartbreaking Draw Against Italy

Luka Modric experienced a roller coaster of emotions in Croatia’s Euro 2024 draw with Italy. Croatia seemed poised to advance to the round of 16 when Modric scored in the 55th minute, making him the oldest goalscorer in European Championship history at 38. However, a last-second equalizer by Italy’s Mattia Zaccagni turned the game on its head, leaving Croatia’s fate uncertain as one of the best third-placed teams.

Despite the heartache, UEFA awarded Modric the MVP of the match, a bittersweet honor on a day that saw Croatia’s hopes dashed. The Croatian captain was visibly emotional, appearing in the official photograph with swollen eyes from crying.

Reflecting on the match, Modric described the result as “unfair” and likened it to Croatia’s devastating quarter-final loss to Turkey at Euro 2008. “We kept battling right until the end, but unfortunately, football was merciless with us tonight,” he said. “It’s hard to find the words to describe how you feel when you lose like this.”

Despite the disappointment, Modric dispelled retirement rumors, stating he intends to continue playing. “I’d like to keep playing forever, but there will probably be a time I’ll have to hang up my boots,” he said. “I’ll keep playing on, I don’t know for how much longer.”

Croatia now needs a 3-0 or four-goal victory by England over Slovenia and a win by Denmark over Serbia to advance. Modric’s determination and resilience continue to inspire, even in the face of such a cruel twist of fate.

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