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La Liga Launches Investigation into Jude Bellingham’s Alleged Offensive Remark Towards Mason Greenwood

La Liga Launches Investigation into Jude Bellingham's Alleged Offensive Remark Towards Mason Greenwood

La Liga has initiated an investigation into a complaint filed by Getafe against Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham, accusing him of using an offensive remark towards Mason Greenwood. The alleged incident occurred during Real Madrid’s 2-0 victory at Getafe on Thursday.

Getafe officials reported that Bellingham’s comment, deemed offensive, be included in the referee’s match report. The accusation involves Bellingham mouthing the word ‘rapist’ during a close encounter with Greenwood after a tackle. La Liga has confirmed the receipt of the complaint and stated that a lip-reading expert will analyze the footage to ascertain the accuracy of the allegations.

Greenwood, currently on a season-long loan at Getafe from Manchester United, had faced legal scrutiny in the past, with charges of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and assault. However, these charges were dropped in February 2023, as the Crown Prosecution Service cited a lack of realistic prospects of conviction due to key witnesses withdrawing their cooperation and new evidence surfacing.

Real Madrid and Getafe have not yet responded to requests for comment on the ongoing investigation.

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