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Jamie Carragher Suggests MLS or Saudi Move for Casemiro After Manchester United’s Humiliation

Jamie Carragher Suggests MLS or Saudi Move for Casemiro After Manchester United's Humiliation

Casemiro faced harsh criticism following Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat to Crystal Palace, with former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher suggesting that the Brazilian midfielder should consider a move to the MLS or Saudi Arabia given his recent struggles. Carragher emphasized that Casemiro, who was deployed in an unfamiliar defensive role due to injuries, should recognize that his time at the top level of football may be coming to an end.

Carragher urged Casemiro to contemplate retiring from elite football before his legacy is tarnished, emphasizing the importance of leaving the game before it leaves the player. Despite Casemiro’s decorated career, Carragher believes that the midfielder’s performance against Palace highlights a decline in form that warrants a transition to a less demanding league.

Meanwhile, Erik ten Hag, United’s manager, defended Casemiro, attributing the team’s poor performance to collective failures rather than singling out individual players. Ten Hag acknowledged deficiencies in the team’s defensive structure, pointing to the challenges faced due to injuries and tactical issues.

Overall, Casemiro’s recent struggles and tactical shortcomings have put a spotlight on Manchester United’s challenges this season, raising questions about the team’s cohesion and tactical approach.

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