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Drake Loses $615,000 Bet on Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou Fight

Drake Loses $615,000 Bet on Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou Fight

Canadian rapper Drake faced another significant financial loss after betting $615,000 on Francis Ngannou to beat Anthony Joshua in their recent bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Despite his high-stakes wager, Joshua emerged victorious, knocking out Ngannou in the second round.

Drake’s penchant for sports betting, coupled with his infamous “betting curse,” has drawn attention to his hefty losses in recent years. Notably, he bet on Israel Adesanya and the Kansas City Chiefs, among others, resulting in substantial financial setbacks.

The rapper’s affiliation with the betting platform Stake has further fueled speculation about his gambling habits, with reports suggesting he is paid handsomely for endorsements and regularly wagers large sums of cryptocurrency.

While Drake’s bets on high-profile events have garnered attention, such as the UFC championship match and the Super Bowl, they have also contributed to his reputation for taking risks and incurring losses.

Despite his financial setbacks, Drake continues to engage in sports betting and casino games, often placing multimillion-dollar bets in pursuit of lucrative returns. However, his recent loss on the Joshua vs. Ngannou fight serves as another reminder of the unpredictable nature of gambling and its potential consequences, even for high-profile celebrities like him.

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