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Dani Alves Released on Bail Amid Rape Conviction Appeal

Dani Alves Released on Bail Amid Rape Conviction Appeal

Former Brazilian football star Dani Alves has been released from a Barcelona prison after posting a €1 million bail following his conviction for rape. The court allowed him to be conditionally freed on bail while he appeals his conviction, which he has served about a quarter of the sentence for.

Alves, flanked by his lawyer, left the Brians 2 prison wearing a gray jacket over a white turtleneck. He did not speak to reporters before leaving in a vehicle.

To comply with the conditions of his release, Alves surrendered both his Brazilian and Spanish passports. He is prohibited from leaving Spain and must appear in court every Friday or when summoned. Additionally, a restraining order bars him from coming within 1,000 meters of the victim.

The case, which involves one of the most successful soccer players in history, has drawn significant attention amid increasing discussions about gender-based violence in Spain.

Alves was convicted on February 22 for raping a woman in a Barcelona nightclub’s restroom and was ordered to pay her €150,000. He has appealed against the conviction, which is not yet final.

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