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Arteta Dismisses Barcelona Links as “Fake News”: Arsenal Manager Upset by Unfounded Rumors

Arteta Dismisses Barcelona Links as "Fake News": Arsenal Manager Upset by Unfounded Rumors

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has strongly refuted rumors linking him to Barcelona’s coaching vacancy, describing the reports as “totally fake news.” Speculation arose after Xavi announced his departure from Barcelona at the end of the season. Arteta, addressing the media ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League match, expressed his frustration, stating that he is focused on Arsenal and feels upset about the baseless rumors.

Arteta, whose current contract with Arsenal expires in June 2025, emphasized his commitment to the club’s ongoing journey. Despite not yet entering talks for a contract extension, Arteta highlighted the strong attachment and shared ambition within the club. He acknowledged the challenges faced during the Covid situation but emphasized the club’s progress.

While dismissing the Barcelona links, Arteta expressed his caution regarding personal matters in the public domain. He stressed that discussions about his contract extension would occur naturally when the time is right.

The manager’s dedication to Arsenal remains unwavering, and sources indicate that the club is relaxed about Arteta’s commitment, despite the lack of contract talks. Arteta’s focus remains on Arsenal’s ongoing season, and he expressed his happiness and gratitude for his current position.

As rumors circulate in the football industry, Arteta’s firm denial seeks to dispel any doubts about his allegiance to Arsenal. The manager, known for his straightforward approach, expressed his upset at the unfounded news and reiterated his satisfaction with Arsenal’s ongoing journey.

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