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2024 NBA Draft: Lakers Select Bronny James, Son of LeBron James

2024 NBA Draft: Lakers Select Bronny James, Son of LeBron James

Bronny James, the eldest son of NBA legend LeBron James, was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers as the 55th overall pick in the second round of the 2024 NBA Draft. This selection brings LeBron’s dream of playing alongside his son in the NBA closer to reality.

Bronny James, a 19-year-old guard, was drafted from the University of Southern California, where he played one season. Despite being one of the shortest players at the draft combine at just over 6 feet, his athleticism and defensive skills earned him a spot on the Lakers’ roster. Bronny had an average of 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game in his college career.

LeBron, who has been with the Lakers since 2018, could become a free agent next week, adding intrigue to the potential of a father-son duo playing together in the NBA. Lakers’ General Manager Rob Pelinka expressed excitement about this possibility, highlighting the historical significance of such an event.

Bronny’s debut in a Lakers uniform could come as soon as July 12 in Las Vegas during the franchise’s summer league opener against the Houston Rockets. Lakers’ newly hired coach J.J. Redick and Pelinka have assured that they see Bronny’s potential and are committed to his development.

The selection also drew significant attention from fans and the media, with Nike quickly congratulating Bronny James and celebrating his journey to the NBA. This move could potentially make NBA history, as no father-son duo has ever played together in the league.

While Bronny’s draft position of 55th overall doesn’t guarantee immediate playtime or a spot on the final roster, it certainly sets the stage for a remarkable story in the NBA’s history.

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