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“Tinubu needs to be mindful of Kano politics”, Buba Galadima Warns Tinubu About Dangers of Kano Politics

"Tinubu needs to be mindful of Kano politics", Buba Galadima Warns Tinubu About Dangers of Kano Politics

Buba Galadima, a chieftain of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), has cautioned President Bola Tinubu about the potential pitfalls of meddling in Kano State politics. In an interview with Arise Television, Galadima emphasized that federal involvement in Kano’s local politics could jeopardize Tinubu’s presidency.

“The federal government and President Bola Tinubu need to be cautious with Kano politics. It will destroy his presidency,” Galadima warned, criticizing federal support for certain factions within Kano’s political landscape. He argued that chieftaincy titles and local governance should remain free from federal interference, highlighting the resilience and determination of Kano’s people.

Reflecting on past elections, Galadima recounted how the NNPP overcame manipulations and forceful tactics to win in 2011 and 2023. He criticized the judiciary’s handling of electoral disputes, alleging bias and manipulation, and urged the governor of Kano to assert his authority despite police advice.

Galadima also expressed concerns over the current state of democracy in Nigeria, warning against the creation of state police, which he believes could lead to the country’s disintegration. He criticized the current legislative body for being composed of businessmen rather than true legislators and lamented the self-inflicted political turmoil in Nigeria.

Expressing disappointment with both leaders and the electorate, Galadima noted that even principled individuals often change when given power. He cited former President Buhari as an example, saying, “I could have bet my life for him on certain issues,” but expressing disillusionment with his actions in office.

Galadima’s warnings come amid ongoing political tensions in Kano, where Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf and federal authorities are at odds over the emirate crisis involving Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi and Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, both claiming the Emir of Kano throne.

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