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Supreme Court Upholds Governor Alex Otti’s Victory in Abia State Governorship Election

Supreme Court Upholds Governor Alex Otti's Victory in Abia State Governorship Election

The Supreme Court has confirmed Governor Alex Chioma Otti, representing the Labour Party (LP), as the rightfully elected Governor of Abia State following the gubernatorial poll on March 18th.

This reaffirmation follows earlier dismissals of petitions by both the tribunal and the Appeal Court, both of which upheld the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) declaration of the LP Candidate as the legitimate winner.

The Supreme Court emphasized that matters related to membership and nomination fall under the internal affairs of a political party. It explicitly stated that candidates from one political party cannot legally challenge the nomination or membership of a candidate from another political party.

Furthermore, the Apex Court highlighted that an appeal against a concurrent finding of fact in the lower courts is not subject to overturning, reinforcing the legal standing of Governor Alex Otti’s election victory.

This decisive ruling by the Supreme Court settles the matter conclusively, putting to rest any disputes regarding Governor Alex Otti’s legitimacy as the elected Governor of Abia State.

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