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Peter Obi Threatens to Leave Labour Party Amid Crisis

Peter Obi Threatens to Leave Labour Party Amid Crisis

Peter Obi, the former Anambra Governor and Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, has issued a stern warning to the party, indicating his readiness to depart if the internal crisis persists.

During an X space hosted by Parallel Facts, Obi expressed his frustration with the ongoing leadership and ownership disputes within the Labour Party, highlighting his primary focus on building a better Nigeria rather than salvaging the party.

The crisis revolves around conflicts between factions led by Julius Abure and Apapa Lamidi for the National Chairmanship position, compounded by claims of ownership from the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

Despite efforts to address the situation, Obi emphasized that his dedication lies in addressing critical national issues such as water, power, employment, and security. He stressed that while he endeavors to influence change within the Labour Party, he will not compromise his vision for Nigeria.

Drawing from biblical allusions, Obi asserted that he won’t “die with them,” echoing his determination to pursue his objectives irrespective of the party’s fate. His ultimatum underscores the urgency for resolution within the Labour Party and reflects broader concerns about political stability and governance in Nigeria.

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