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Peter Obi not fit to lead Nigeria — Wole Soyinka

Peter Obi not fit to lead Nigeria  — Wole Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, recently expressed doubts about Peter Obi’s suitability to lead Nigeria, particularly citing his conduct and management of supporters during the 2023 general elections. Soyinka criticized Obi for allowing his supporters, known as ‘Obidients,’ to engage in online attacks against individuals with opposing views, suggesting this reflects poorly on his leadership capabilities.

Soyinka recounted a meeting with Obi where he observed actions suggesting control over online trolls, disputing Obi’s subsequent public statement about the meeting, which he alleged misrepresented the discussion. Expressing hope that Obi refrains from contesting the 2027 presidential election, Soyinka emphasized the importance of leadership integrity and honesty.

He warned against condoning divisive actions, stressing that such actions could backfire on leaders in the future. Despite facing online attacks, Soyinka asserted his commitment to truth-telling, underlining the need for honesty and integrity in leadership.

Soyinka’s comments highlight the significance of ethical leadership and accountability in Nigerian politics, urging leaders to uphold integrity and transparency in their actions.

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