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Kenneth Okonkwo Criticizes Labour Party Leadership, Hints at Possible Defection

Kenneth Okonkwo Criticizes Labour Party Leadership, Hints at Possible Defection

Kenneth Okonkwo, a key figure in the Labour Party (LP) and former presidential campaign spokesperson, has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the party’s leadership, describing it as “a secret society led by a group of clowns.” Okonkwo’s frustration stems from ongoing internal crises within the LP, which he claims undermine the party’s integrity and effectiveness.

The LP has faced leadership turmoil since Lamidi Apapa, the party’s deputy national chairman (south), declared himself acting national chairman last year. The situation escalated in 2024 when a national convention in Anambra re-elected Julius Abure as chairman, despite opposition from a party faction. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) did not monitor this convention, and the party’s Board of Trustees labeled it a “charade,” stating that Abure’s tenure had ended.

In an interview with Symfoni, Okonkwo criticized the LP’s inability to hold a credible national convention and hinted at the possibility of defecting if the situation does not improve. “Any party that is not visibly committed to the welfare of Nigerians will most likely not see me there. I don’t rule out going back to anything because change is constant,” he said.

Okonkwo, who left the All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2022 over their adoption of a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the presidential election, joined the LP to support Peter Obi’s presidential bid. However, his current disillusionment with the LP’s leadership and internal strife may lead him to consider other political options.

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