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Governor Sim Fubara Appoints Edison Ehie as Chief of Staff Amidst Rivers State Political Crisis

Governor Sim Fubara (left) and Edison Ehie (right)

Governor Sim Fubara of Rivers State has appointed Rt. Hon. Edison Ehie, the immediate-past Speaker of the State House of Assembly, as the new Chief of Staff, replacing Chidi Amadi. The appointment follows Ehie’s recent resignation from the position of Speaker, a move seen as part of the ongoing political turmoil between Governor Fubara and the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike.

Ehie’s resignation, formalized in a letter dated December 29, 2023, and addressed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has sparked discussions and speculations within the state’s political circles. The peace meeting initiated by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu resulted in the recognition of Rt. Hon. Martins Amaewhule as the new Speaker, but there was no provision mandating Ehie to vacate his seat as a member of the House.

Governor Fubara, addressing concerns during a gathering in Port Harcourt, clarified that Ehie’s decision to step down was a strategic move aimed at fostering peace and stability in the state. He emphasized that the resignation was not driven by personal gain or power but rather a commitment to the overall well-being of the people. The move comes in the context of the ongoing power struggle between Governor Fubara and Minister Nyesom Wike, which has led to a series of political conflicts over state resources and control.

As Edison Ehie assumes the role of Chief of Staff, the political landscape in Rivers State continues to witness dynamic shifts, raising questions about the implications of these changes for the future governance and stability of the region.

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