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FCT Minister Wike Vows to Unseat Senator Ireti Kingibe in 2027

FCT Minister Wike Vows to Unseat Senator Ireti Kingibe in 2027

Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has declared that Ireti Kingibe, the senator representing the FCT, will not be re-elected in 2027. Speaking at the flag-off ceremony for the Mabushi bus terminal in Abuja on Monday, Wike criticized Kingibe’s performance and questioned her legislative contributions.

Kingibe, a member of the Labour Party (LP), defeated Philip Aduda of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 general election. However, her relationship with Wike has been contentious. Kingibe has accused Wike of sidelining her and neglecting essential services in the FCT, including schools, hospitals, and water supply.

Wike, formerly the governor of Rivers State, responded to these criticisms by stating the progress made during his short tenure. He challenged Kingibe to run for re-election in 2027, asserting that she would not succeed. Wike also dismissed Kingibe’s complaints as stemming from personal grievances, including his association with Aduda and her non-appointment as the chairperson of the Senate committee on FCT.

“I overheard somebody on Arise TV this morning. Unfortunately, I hear the person is a member of the National Assembly and it is unfortunate I say so,” he said.

“With all due respect, what you don’t know, you don’t know, what you know, you know, and the good thing for you is to tell people you don’t when you don’t know, then people will educate you.”

“If we have done well, we have done well. If we haven’t done well, we haven’t done well. I am proud to say that in the short time that Mr. President has appointed us, we have done well,” he said praising himself.

“You said there are no hospitals and there are no hospitals. You, as a legislator, what have you done? How many bills have you sponsored for us to improve our education and health sector?

“I challenge that legislator. If you are very popular, 2027, come and run under Abuja, we will fail you. Do you think that what happened last time will happen again? It will not happen again. Luckily for me, I am the FCT Minister now. So that is my territory and I’m not afraid.

“So, people should be able to come out and be able to accept the truth. We are not begging for anybody to become our friend; we have so many friends that we cannot even carry along.

“So how can we go and beg people to become our friends? We are not interested in that. If you are angry that people are praising us, by next year your BP level will go very high because the praises you would see would be too much,” he said.

The clash between Wike and Kingibe has seen both politicians exchange public barbs. Kingibe has criticized Wike for threatening demolitions in the FCT and not addressing rising insecurity. Wike, on the other hand, has questioned Kingibe’s legislative effectiveness and commitment to FCT residents.

As the political tension escalates, Wike remains confident in his position and the accomplishments of his administration, stating that the upcoming years will further validate his work and increase his support.

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