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Atiku Abubakar Open to Supporting Peter Obi in 2027

Atiku Abubakar, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed his willingness to support Peter Obi, his Labour Party counterpart, in the 2027 presidential election if the PDP decides to zone the ticket to the South-East and selects Obi as its candidate.

In a recent interview with BBC Hausa Service, Atiku stated, “If the PDP decides that it’s the turn of the South-East and Peter Obi is chosen, I won’t hesitate to support him. I have said repeatedly that I will abide by the party’s decision.”

Atiku also hinted at a possible merger between the PDP and the Labour Party. “We can merge to achieve a common goal,” he said, indicating that such a coalition could be a strategic move to unseat the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the next election.

Atiku recently held private meetings with Peter Obi and other PDP leaders, sparking speculation about a potential alliance for the 2027 elections. He emphasized that these meetings are part of normal interactions among opposition members and are essential for Nigeria’s democracy.

Atiku dismissed concerns that choosing a presidential candidate might hinder merger discussions, stating, “The choice of who will fly the flag of the party won’t be an issue.”

Regarding his own political future, Atiku said his participation in the 2027 election would depend on the party’s decision. “I can’t make any categorical statement on that. It’s the duty of the party to decide on the way to go in the next election,” he explained.

Atiku also underscored his continued commitment to improving Nigeria. “People are suffering and we are committed to making Nigeria a better place,” he said, affirming his ongoing involvement in politics as long as health permits.

Peter Obi, a former PDP member, left the party in 2022 to pursue his presidential ambitions with the Labour Party. He finished third in the 2023 presidential election, behind Atiku and the winner, Bola Tinubu of the APC. Atiku attributed his loss partly to Obi’s departure from the PDP, noting that their combined votes could have secured a victory against Tinubu.

The possibility of a PDP-Labour Party merger and Atiku’s support for Obi in 2027 remains a significant development in Nigerian politics, with potential implications for the future political landscape.

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