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Adeleke Credits Election Victory to BVAS, Highlights Rigging Concerns

Adeleke Credits Election Victory to BVAS, Highlights Rigging Concerns

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, attributes his success in the 2022 governorship election to the implementation of the bimodal voter accreditation system (BVAS) across the country.

Adeleke acknowledges that without BVAS, there could have been attempts to rig him out, similar to what occurred in the 2018 election. The governor underscores the importance of BVAS in ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process, preventing potential manipulation by opponents.

“That BVAS thing they introduced was for me. If they didn’t use that BVAS, they would have rigged out me again. It was that BVAS that saved me.” Adeleke told Arise News’ Ojy Okpe on Wednesday, December 27.

“At least Mr. President, Buhari at that time, did this one. I went to go and greet him. I said thank you for signing this BVAS into law.

“The 2018 election, I won the election even though the APC, those people that colluded against me, are now with me now. They are now in PDP and they started telling me that when they stole the mandate of the people, I was still cool. I said there was no problem, it was not yet time and I went back to school.”

“See, a lot of people, they don’t know anything here. There is a system in America and I will introduce that system here. I will take it to the house of Assembly to pass it into law. In the United States, if you go to school there, maybe university or high school and if you drop out for one reason or the other, maybe you don’t have money, in my own case, I started making money. I registered as a contractor on the courier service, I had contracts here and there. So, with that money, I said let this school wait.

“So, I left and started making money and I read in the constitution that you only need high school to even be president and I attended high school. I went back to school and studied criminal justice major and political science minor. I will complete my studies in 2021.

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