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YouTube Icon MatPat Announces Retirement from The Game Theorists

YouTube Icon MatPat Announces Retirement from The Game Theorists
YouTube Icon, MatPat

In a heartfelt video titled “Goodbye Internet,” YouTube sensation MatPat, the creator behind The Game Theorists, has announced his retirement. Matthew Patrick, known as MatPat, revealed that March 9 will mark his final day hosting The Game Theorists franchise. This decision comes as MatPat aims to spend more time with his family and step back from the intense workload he has maintained for over a decade.

MatPat, alongside his wife Stephanie, founded Game Theorists in 2011, focusing on exploring the lore and wild theories behind popular video games. The channel’s success led to the creation of several spin-off channels, including Film Theorists, Food Theorists, and Style Theorists. As of January, the gaming channel alone boasts 18.4 million subscribers.

Despite recent successes, including hosting the Streamy Awards, which became the most-watched show in the event’s history, MatPat expressed a desire for a change. He emphasized wanting to return to simpler times, where he could enjoy playing video games without the pressure of creating content and theorizing.

In the farewell video, MatPat acknowledged the difficulty of leaving a project that has been his “first child” for 13 years. His decision was prompted by a desire to focus on family, especially as his son Ollie is growing older. MatPat, who is 37, stated that it was time for a new generation to take the reins.

MatPat plans to hand over the channels to other team members, ensuring a smooth transition. Familiar faces, such as Amy and Lee, will step into more prominent roles. While MatPat won’t completely leave the company, he aims to have a behind-the-scenes role and make occasional appearances, likening himself to a grandparent eager to see their family.

The Game Theorists will see nine more episodes before MatPat’s departure, and GTLive will continue for the foreseeable future. MatPat concluded the emotional video with his iconic catchphrase, bidding farewell to his dedicated audience. His retirement marks the end of an era, leaving fans with gratitude for the “wildest, craziest 13-year ride” of MatPat’s internet career.

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