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Meta Bans Activist Shaun King’s Instagram Account Over Pro-Palestine Posts

Meta Bans Activist Shaun King's Instagram Account Over Pro-Palestine Posts
Shaun King

In a recent move by Meta, social justice activist Shaun King’s Instagram account, boasting over 5 million followers, was disabled on Christmas Eve. King claims this action was taken due to his posts supporting Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas conflict. A Meta spokesperson cited “multiple instances of praise for designated entities in violation of our policies” without specifying the violations.

The controversy surrounding Meta’s policies intensified after a Human Rights Watch report criticized the platform’s handling of content supporting Palestinians. The report highlighted perceived flaws in Meta’s enforcement, alleging instances of heightened censorship and user reports of post removals and restricted access.

In response to his ban, King posted a video on Facebook, asserting that Meta is actively tracking his IP address, vowing to delete anything he says anywhere. He also revealed plans to appeal and involve the Civil Rights Division of Meta’s legal team.

“I refuse to betray my values and principles by staying silent about this genocide and the war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank,” King expressed in his Facebook statement, emphasizing the importance of speaking truth to power.

While King received support on Facebook, the controversy surrounding him resurfaced on X, with some users critical of his past controversies, including allegations of mishandling raised funds and questions about his racial identity. The hashtag #BlockShaunKing, previously trending over two years ago, made a return.

In a counter-narrative, a Meta representative dismissed concerns about King’s health, stating definitively, “Morgan is in fine health.” Freeman, who faced health challenges, including fibromyalgia and paralysis resulting from a 2008 car crash, continues to be a resilient figure in the entertainment industry.

As debates surrounding social media content moderation persist, Meta’s actions against Shaun King’s Instagram account fuel discussions about the platform’s policies and their impact on advocates for various causes.

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