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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reflects on Regrets Murdering Mother, as Prison Release Nears

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Reflects on Regrets Murdering Mother, as Prison Release Nears
Gypsy Rose Blanchard

After eight years in prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard is set to be released on Thursday, Dec. 28, from her 10-year sentence for second-degree murder. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE and ahead of the upcoming Lifetime docuseries, “The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard,” she shares her deep remorse and a newfound sense of forgiveness.

Gypsy, now 32, vividly recalls the events leading to her mother Dee Dee’s murder in June 2015. Having endured years of alleged Munchausen by proxy abuse, where her mother subjected her to unnecessary medical procedures, Gypsy felt desperate to escape the situation. This desperation led her to conspire with then-boyfriend Nicholas “Nick” Godejohn to kill her mother.

Despite her struggles with decisions made in the past, Gypsy emphasizes, “Nobody will ever hear me say I’m glad she’s dead or I’m proud of what I did. I regret it every single day.” Reflecting on her childhood, filled with false medical diagnoses, Gypsy reveals she felt limited and manipulated by her mother. She faced verbal and physical abuse, leading to a violent relationship in her teen and young adult years.

Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard

Gypsy’s regrets center around whether she should have taken a different course of action, like confiding in her family or the police. Her regret, however, is clear: “I regret it every single day.”

As Gypsy prepares for her release, she looks forward to reuniting with her dad, stepmom, and her husband, Ryan Anderson. She emphasizes the need for cautionary tales, stating, “I want to make sure that people in abusive relationships do not resort to murder.”

While acknowledging her mother’s sickness and seeking forgiveness for both herself and the situation, Gypsy remains on a journey of self-discovery. She expresses love for her mom and aims to understand the circumstances that led to her actions.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s story, marked by abuse, manipulation, and a desperate act for freedom, serves as a cautionary tale against resorting to extreme measures in abusive relationships. As she approaches her release, Gypsy hopes her story will encourage others to seek alternative paths, fostering understanding and empathy for those caught in similar situations.

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