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Casimir Funk: The Father of Vitamins Honored by Google Doodle

Casimir Funk: The Father of Vitamins Honored by Google Doodle

Casimir Funk, a Polish-American biochemist born in 1884, revolutionized health science by introducing the concept of vitamins. Despite facing adversity as a Jewish student in Europe, Funk pursued education passionately, earning his doctorate at just twenty years old. Throughout his career, he identified vital vitamins like B1, B2, C, and D, essential for preventing deficiency diseases.

Funk’s groundbreaking work built upon earlier discoveries linking nutrition to health, such as James Lind’s demonstration of citrus fruits preventing scurvy. Although he didn’t receive a Nobel Prize, Funk’s contributions were monumental. In 1911, he crystallized the B1 vitamin and coined the term “vitamine,” which later evolved into “vitamin.”

His legacy extends beyond his lifetime, as vitamins continue to play crucial roles in maintaining overall health. Funk’s Google Doodle features symbols of his discoveries, including an Erlenmeyer flask and nutritious foods rich in vitamins. This tribute commemorates Funk’s enduring impact on science and health, recognizing him as a pioneer in the field of nutrition.

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