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Zamfara Bread Bakers Go on Strike Due to Motorcycle Ban

Zamfara Bread Bakers Go on Strike Due to Motorcycle Ban

The Zamfara State chapter of the Master Bakers Association (MBA) has instructed its members to halt bread production until they resolve issues with the State Government regarding the ban on motorcycles transporting bread.

The Association has denied allegations that motorcycle riders carrying bread were supplying it to bandits in the forests.

The State Government had recently banned any motorcycle carrying loaves of bread, saying that they were supplying the bread to bandits operating in the State.

The Government also banned the sale of petroleum in cans, pointing out that the breads and cans of fuel were encouraging the terrorists to unleash terror attacks on residents.

Addressing newsmen in Gusau, the State Financial Secretary of the Association, Mallam Habibu explained that the union would not resume production of bread until it settled the matter with the State Government.

“We have been holding a series of meetings with the State Government to resolve the issue. I am very much sure that very soon the issue will be resolved,” he added.

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