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Young Woman’s Decomposing Body Found in Abuja Apartment

Young Woman's Decomposing Body Found in Abuja Apartment

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, the decomposing body of Fecit Faith Banfa, a young businesswoman, was discovered in her Abuja residence. Concerned neighbors, disturbed by an unpleasant odor emanating from her apartment, took action and forced the door open.

The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, with some sources suggesting poisoning. Banfa, a native of Plateau State and the sole child of her late parents, owned a luxury spa and boutique. Her demise was reported several days after friends were unable to reach her by phone.

Beside her decomposed body, sources mentioned finding a bottle of soft drink. Banfa had recently celebrated her birthday at the end of the previous month.

Her body has been deposited at the morgue.

Meanwhile, friends and acquaintances have taken to Facebook to mourn her.

“Hmm Fecit Faith Banfa my dearest childhood friend and sister. I took my time to be sure if is true you’re no more not but I still can’t comprehend anything for days now, after all we discussed and how we’ll be meeting after so many years this Christmas to discuss business? Death,you cheated me on this special being again!!!? You live on in my heart my friend,” Nanyil Wyep wrote.

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