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Woman Found Dead in Lagos Hotel Room, Boyfriend Goes Missing

Woman Found Dead in Lagos Hotel Room, Boyfriend Goes Missing

An unidentified woman was discovered lifeless in a Morogbo hotel in Lagos State. According to reports, the deceased had checked into the hotel with a male companion in the morning and had paid for a brief stay. Several hours later, the receptionist, intending to assign the room to another guest, found it locked.

A resident in the community said the hotel worker later used a spare key to open the door and thereafter found the lady lying on the bed motionless.

“The two guests arrived at the hotel in the morning. After paying, they collected the key to their room and went inside. It was later around 10 pm when the hotel attendant wanted to give the room to another customer that they started to look for the key to the room.

When they got there, they discovered it was locked. They also knocked but no one answered. They later banged on the door yet no one answered. They had to get a spare key and when the door was opened, only the female guest was found lying naked on the bed. Her body was covered with a bedspread. It was also discovered that her clothes and phone were taken away.”

The resident said the hotel owner was immediately alerted while the workers searched around for the whereabouts of the male guest. All efforts to locate him were unsuccessful as their record was not taken by the receptionist when they first arrived.

“The hotel workers searched everywhere as they were also joined by some other persons in an attempt to locate the suspect. It was that same night that the director of the hotel went to report to the police. The police came that night, took pictures of the lady and took her body away. It was difficult to locate her partner because the receptionist did not take the records of the customers. The hotel also does not have a CCTV camera” the resident added

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the state police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said;

“The corpse has been deposited in the morgue. The owner of the hotel has been arrested along with the receptionist. The case will be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department.”

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