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Unregistered Tiger Nut Drink Linked to Lagos Cholera Outbreak

Unregistered Tiger Nut Drink Linked to Lagos Cholera Outbreak

The Lagos State Government has identified an unregistered tiger nut drink as the primary cause of the recent cholera outbreak in the state. This outbreak has significantly impacted local government areas including Lagos Island, Eti-Osa, and Kosofe.

Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Health, Kemi Ogunyemi, revealed that the surge in cholera cases was traced back to the consumption of this tiger nut drink. Patients hospitalized with cholera symptoms confirmed they had consumed the drink, which was found to be unregistered with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Efforts to trace the source of the drink have been challenging due to the lack of registration and the inaccessibility of the contact number on the bottle. Ongoing investigations include collecting samples and conducting contact tracing.

Testing confirmed the presence of Vibrio cholerae subtype 01, a highly infectious and aggressive strain of cholera, in stool samples from affected individuals. Water samples from the area are also being tested as cholera can be water-borne.

The government is urging residents to maintain good hygiene and ensure that consumable items are registered with relevant authorities. Measures similar to those used during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as contact tracing and community awareness campaigns, are being employed to control the outbreak.

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