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TUC Urges Federal Government to Fulfill Agreements, Including Minimum Wage

TUC Urges Federal Government to Fulfill Agreements, Including Minimum Wage

In a New Year message titled “Our Hope is not Renewed Yet,” the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has called on the Federal Government to honor all agreements made with organized labor in 2023, particularly emphasizing the implementation of the national minimum wage.

TUC President, Festus Osifo, along with Nuhu Toro, the Secretary General of the union, jointly conveyed this message in Abuja on Wednesday. Reflecting on the past year, Osifo acknowledged the TUC’s efforts in promoting social dialogue with the Federal Government. However, he expressed disappointment, noting that the government has fallen short in implementing essential agreements reached with labor.

As discussions surrounding workers’ rights and fair compensation continue, the TUC emphasizes the importance of upholding agreements to ensure a just and equitable working environment for all.

He said labour had insisted that the October 2, 2023, agreements be notarised by the court.

According to him: “However, the government has serially violated the agreements. For instance, Item 2 states that: ‘A minimum wage committee shall be inaugurated within one month from the date of this agreement.’ Today, three months after, no such committee has been set up and this is our experience with this government on at least two previous agreements reached from June.

“TUC has resolved to demand from the Tinubu administration that in 2024, all agreements between labour and government should be implemented. This includes the payment of the monthly N35,000 wage award to public servants in the local government, state and federal services. This must be implemented until a new national minimum wage is implemented.”

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