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Tinubu’s Daughter Encourages Patience Amid Economic Challenges

Tinubu's Daughter Encourages Patience Amid Economic Challenges

Alhaja Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, the Iyaloja General of Lagos State and daughter of President Bola Tinubu, has urged Nigerians to remain patient during tough economic times.

She emphasized the importance of staying hopeful, noting that economic slowdowns are happening worldwide, not just in Nigeria.

Tinubu-Ojo shared these sentiments during the 2024 Mawlid Nabiyy celebration organized by the Lagos State branch of the Aljamahatul Qadiriyyah Islamic Movement.

At the event, national prayers were offered, with passages from the Qur’an recited to seek guidance for Nigerian leaders and the nation’s well-being.

As the newly turbaned Iya Adinni of Qadiriyyah in Nigeria and Africa for her contributions to Islamic growth, Tinubu-Ojo reassured Nigerians that her father is working to alleviate the country’s hardships.

“My message to all Nigerians is to please exercise a little more patience. Everything will be alright; it’s just a matter of time. We need to keep our hope alive. There is an economic downturn all over the world, and not in Nigeria alone. But we pray Allah will see us through.”

The event which took place at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos , Southwest, Nigeria attracted prominent Muslim personalities from different walks of life.

Amidst the hardship in the land, guests at the annual Mawlid Nabbiy and prayer for the Nation expressed hope that the country will overcome the current economic challenges, appealing for more patience.

The Chief Missioner and Founder of Al-Abrar Foundation, Sheikh Adam Muhammad Raji Adebayo called on Muslims to return to Allah, noting it’s the antidote to the current hardship being faced in the country.

“The antidote to this hardship is for us to go back to our creator. We should talk to the Almighty Allah because whatever is happening is in His decree. So, if truly we believe in destiny, we should all go back to our creator, pray to Him and seek His assistance on the current hardship. Importantly, we should seek forgiveness from Allah because all of us have committed sins one way or the other,” he said.

The scholar also charged Muslims to emulate the Prophet in their deeds and words.

The grand Khalifa of Tijaniyya for Lagos State, Sheikh Aminullah Abd’Salam Akoshile, who was a guest, said the hardship is a test from Allah, noting Muslims should be patient and prayerful.

“The reality with us currently is that we have hunger ravaging the country, and there is hardship. But it’s part of the test of Allah. He said in the Qur’an that he would occasionally test us with hunger and other things. And there would be glad tidings for those who are patient.

“We need prayer. Therefore, we should continue to pray for our leaders and our country. We will come out of this.”

The Chief Host and Khalifah Qadiriyyah Lagos, Sheikh Soliu Jamiu Amasa, noted that citizens have a role to play in tackling the hardship.

According to him,

“We should pray for our nation. We should pray for our leaders. When we support our leaders with prayer, they will get it right and everything will be okay.”

Chairman of the occasion, Alhaji Kashim Ibrahim, a former Chairman of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TERTFUND), commended the movement for bringing thousands of Muslims together for the annual Mawlid Nabiyy, saying the celebration is unprecedented by all standards of measurement.

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