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Sanusi Reinstated as Emir of Kano After Four Years

Sanusi Reinstated as Emir of Kano After Four Years

Four years after his dethronement, Muhammadu Sanusi II has been reinstated as the Emir of Kano by Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State. The reinstatement was announced on Thursday following the signing of the Kano State Emirate Council (Repeal) Bill 2024 into law, which dissolves the emirate councils created in 2019 by former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje.

Governor Yusuf announced the decision with the support of the kingmakers and stated that all activities under the new law are to be restored to their original pre-2019 status. The emirs of the dissolved emirates—Bichi, Rano, Gaya, and Karaye—were given 48 hours to vacate their positions and return properties to the local government commissioner.

Sanusi’s initial appointment as Emir in 2014 came after his tenure as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. His reign faced challenges, including a fallout with Ganduje over financial mismanagement accusations, leading to the creation of new emirates and his eventual dethronement in 2020.

The New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP), led by Sanusi’s political ally Rabiu Kwankwaso, promised to review and possibly reverse Sanusi’s dethronement after winning the 2023 elections. This led to speculation about the reinstatement, which has now been confirmed.

The new law mandates the governor to restore the Kano Emirate to its pre-2019 structure, nullifying the appointments made under the 2019 law. Sanusi’s supporters celebrated his return, anticipating his leadership in the upcoming Friday prayers.

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