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Reuben Abati Criticizes Tinubu’s Sons’ Inclusion in Presidential Delegation to Qatar

Reuben Abati Criticizes Tinubu's Sons' Inclusion in Presidential Delegation to Qatar

Renowned journalist Reuben Abati has voiced his disapproval of President Bola Tinubu’s sons, Seyi and Yinka, traveling with an official delegation to Qatar. Abati expressed concern over the sons’ apparent lack of occupation and their precedence over ministers during the trip.

During a recent state visit to Doha, Qatar, Seyi and Yinka Tinubu accompanied the president’s delegation, raising eyebrows due to their perceived lack of relevant qualifications or business acumen. Abati questioned their inclusion in the delegation and their placement ahead of government ministers in the protocol list.

Abati emphasized the importance of individuals standing on their own feet and not relying solely on familial connections. He criticized what he viewed as an overextension of privilege, highlighting the embarrassment faced by spouses of individuals who do not assert themselves independently.

The veteran journalist’s remarks underscored broader concerns about nepotism and protocol precedence within official delegations, particularly when it comes to individuals perceived to benefit from familial ties to high-ranking officials.

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