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PSC Announces Commencement of Nationwide Police Recruitment for 2024

PSC Announces Commencement of Nationwide Police Recruitment for 2024

In an announcement made on Sunday, the Police Service Commission (PSC) disclosed the initiation of the recruitment process for 30,000 individuals into the Constable Cadre of the Nigeria Police Force. The nationwide recruitment is set to kick off on Monday, January 8th, 2024. Following a six-week period for application submissions, successful candidates will undergo both physical and credentials screening, aligning with the requirements of the Federal Character Commission.

Dr. Solomon Arase (IGP Rtd), the Chairman of the Commission, emphasized during a pre-deployment briefing at the Commission’s headquarters that this recruitment endeavor is more than just a routine exercise; it is a compelling saga where the impact of every action will resonate through time.

He said, “Each decision, each interaction becomes a paragraph in this narrative, shaping the perception of our Commission and the legacy we leave behind”, adding that “commencement of the exercise marks the turn of a transformative chapter in the life of the Commission”.

The Chairman charged the Staff to “uphold the torch of professionalism and integrity and embrace this responsibility with the knowledge that your actions will resonate beyond the confines of the present”.

He added, “as staff of the Commission, you are entrusted with a job that carries the weight of our nation’s aspirations for a just and secure future”.

Continuing he said, “This recruitment exercise assumes paramount significance as the first conducted by the Commission since the landmark supreme Court Judgment of 20th July 2023 that reaffirmed the primacy and exclusivity of the Commission in recruiting for the Nigeria Police Force”.

“We stand at the precipice of a new era, and it is our solemn duty to ensure that this exercise establishes the gold standard for future recruitments’ he said.

He reminded the Commission’s staff that the nation’s watchful eyes will scrutinise “our every move, demanding our unwavering dedication and commitment to the principles of fairness and justice”.

“Therefore, I implore each of you to exhibit your best behaviour, upholding the highest standards of discipline, integrity and honesty” he charged the Commission staff.

Arase declared that this is not just a Recruitment exercise; ” it is a defence of the sanctity of our mandate and a demonstration of the Commission’s competence in this vital function.

“I admonish you to anticipate unprecedented challenges during this exercise.

“With over 400,000 applicants passing through your stations, each presenting argument to join the Nigeria Police Force, the pressure will be immense.

“Remember, you are the guardians of a process that not only holds inherent significance but also paves the way for the forthcoming 30,000-man recruitment approved by the current administration “.

Dr. Arase announced that to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the recruitment exercise, the Commission is establishing a Situation Room at the PSC Corporate Headquarters Jabi Abuja.

This dedicated space will serve as a Complaint Response Centre, a help desk and an information repository, providing essential technical and operational support to personnel in the field.

The Commission will in a short while communicate the dedicated telephone lines to the public to access the Situation Room throughout the exercise.

This initiative, he noted underscores the Commission’s commitment to ensuring a robust, accountable and smooth exercise.

He warned that any staff found complicit in questionable activities will face sever consequences, ” especially soliciting or collecting money from applicants or their families.

“Such actions are contrary to the principles of integrity and fairness which are sacrosanct to our Commission, and individuals involved will be subject to austere disciplinary measures including possible termination of employment”.

The PSC Chairman said the staff should adhere strictly to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct throughout the entire duration of the exercise.

The Chairman of the Police Recruitment Board, Chief Onyemuche Nnamani and Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Commission, Dr. Ifeoma Adaora Anyanwutaku presented goodwill messages at the pre-deployment briefing while the Director of the Department of Police Recruitment Mr. Ferdinand Ekpe administered a code of conduct on all the Staff that will be involved in the exercise.

This is to further emphasize the seriousness by the Commission Management to adhere to standards.

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