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Poultry Sector Crisis: Over 50% of Farms Closed in 2023, Says PAN

Poultry Sector Crisis: Over 50% of Farms Closed in 2023, Says PAN

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) expressed distress over the closure of more than 50% of its farms in 2023, citing sector challenges.

Mojeed Iyiola, PAN’s chair in Lagos, revealed this in a Thursday interview in Lagos. He explained that the poultry industry struggled to fulfill the increasing demand for poultry products due to the significant closure of farms.

Iyiola highlighted the difficulties faced by poultry farms last year, resulting in many shutting down. This has led to a shortage of eggs, making it challenging to meet the current demand.

“Presently, we have a very low supply of eggs with growing demands. This is because nothing less than 50 per cent of poultry farms around the country have shut down. In fact, due to the shortage of supply, a crate of eggs sells for as high as N3,000 and above, even from the farm gate.

“We do not pray that the price keeps increasing because it is detrimental to the average consumer,” said Mr Iyiola.

Mr Iyiola said the sector would only prosper with continuous government interventions at all levels, especially in subsidising feed inputs.

“We hope to step up the supply of eggs if the cost of raw materials for bird feed is subsidised and available at the most affordable rate. This is the best solution for the sector at the moment.

“The Lagos state government, to be candid, is trying on their own part. They have been of great assistance to the sector in all our trials. They have provided feed inputs to poultry farmers, which have, to a minimal extent, cushioned the effect of production costs.

“Though poultry produce prices are still on the high side. We hope to start raising layers soon, and we believe in no distant time the government will respond to us positively,” the PAN chairman said.

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