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NOA Plans to Release Standard National Anthem Version

NOA Plans to Release Standard National Anthem Version

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has announced its intention to release a standardized version of the national anthem, which has been recently reintroduced.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, June 4, NOA spokesperson Paul Odenyi revealed that the agency’s director-general, Lanre Issa-Onilu, took action following the emergence of various versions of the anthem on social media.

Odenyi further explained that the agency’s community orientation and mobilization officers (COMOS) reported instances of citizens experiencing confusion regarding the correct lyrics, as well as the instrumental and audio renditions of the anthem.

“Our COMOS, whom we ordered to learn the new national anthem, have come up with the feedback that many of our people are eager to learn and promote the new anthem but are confused about which of the ones they find online is the correct version,” the statement reads.

They have asked questions about which of the stanzas is the national prayer.

The director-general also assured that a decision on whether any of the stanzas will be adopted as national prayer will be taken after the necessary approval procedure.

He advised government agencies that seek to play the anthem at their functions to revert to the agency for the official copy of the new anthem.”

President Tinubu on May 29 signed a bill reintroducing the old national anthem.

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