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Niger State Government Orders Release of Protesters Following Riots Over Economic Hardship

Niger State Government Orders Release of Protesters Following Riots Over Economic Hardship
Niger State Governor Umaru Bago (Left), Aisha Jibrin, the initiator of the protest (Right)

The Niger State Government has taken steps to address the aftermath of recent protests in Minna, ordering the release of individuals arrested during the demonstrations. Governor Umaru Bago directed the release of 22 men and three women who were detained by the police after protesting against economic hardship in the state.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hajiya Binta Mamman, explained that a misunderstanding led to the arrests, acknowledging that the protesters were reacting to widespread economic challenges. The government, after thorough review, determined that the protesters were not involved in any wrongdoing and subsequently ordered their release.

The protests erupted on Monday in response to the rising cost of living, with residents expressing their grievances over economic difficulties. While acknowledging the hardships faced by the people, the government emphasized the importance of peaceful dialogue in addressing these issues. Mamman assured the public that the government is committed to upholding the rights and freedom of all citizens, while also working to provide palliatives to alleviate the economic challenges faced by the people.

Additionally, the government clarified that the protests turned violent, resulting in the destruction of public and private property. Despite the frustrations of the people, the government stressed the need for peaceful means of addressing grievances and discouraged violent protests.

The release of the protesters comes after the government conducted its findings and determined that they were not involved in any wrongdoing. The government also expressed its commitment to addressing the underlying causes of the protests and implementing measures to improve the economic situation in the state.

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