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Military Discovers Gun Factory in Plateau State

Military Discovers Gun Factory in Plateau State

Operation SAFE HAVEN (OPSH) announced on Wednesday that its troops, operating under HAKORIN DAMISA IV, uncovered a gun factory in Pakachi Village of Mangu local government area in Plateau State.

During the operation, one suspect was arrested in the building, and a significant quantity of firearms and ammunition were seized.

This discovery occurred as part of efforts by security agencies to maintain peace and order in the Mangu general area, which has experienced communal conflicts leading to loss of lives and properties recently.

In a statement by the spokesperson of the operation, Captain Oya James, said the gun factory was discovered during a clearance operation by troops on rugged mountainous terrain.

He said, “Troops of the operation discovered an isolated structure which turned out to be a weapons fabrication factory situated on a high ground in the village.

“The operation resulted in the arrest of Mr. Tapshak Plangji, a 25-year-old male, suspected to be involved in the illegal activities at the factory. The alleged owner of the facility, Mr. Nuhu Meshack, is currently at large and efforts are underway to bring him to justice.

“Items recovered from the facility include: 5 AK 47 Rifles, 4 AK 47 Magazines, 11 Rounds of 7.62mm Ammunition, Rounds of 9mm Ammunition, 21 Dane Guns, 4 Revolver Rifles, 11 Pistols with 5 Magazines, 17 Gun Barrels, 6 Rounds of 0.44 Inch Ammunition, A Carbide Cylinder with Accessories , 3 Saws, 12 Filing Machines, 4 Hammers, 6 Manual Drilling Machines, 2 Electrically Operated Filing Machines, 2 G-Clamps, one Spraying Machine, one Tiger Generator, and Assorted Drilling Irons,” he explained.

Captain James said, “The successful operation was a testament to the commitment of the troops in collaboration with other security agencies in the fight against illegal arms proliferation and criminal activities within our communities.”

Military Discovers Gun Factory in Plateau State
Military Discovers Gun Factory in Plateau State

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