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Lagos State Issues 3-Week Ultimatum for Styrofoam Ban Enforcement

Lagos State Issues 3-Week Ultimatum for Styrofoam Ban Enforcement
Lagos State Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab

The Lagos State Government is steadfast in its decision to ban single-use plastics, particularly styrofoam products, to address environmental concerns. Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab emphasized that despite the ban being announced over three years ago, manufacturers continued production. Wahab declared a three-week ultimatum before the full enforcement of the ban during a meeting with stakeholders from the manufacturing and food service sector.

The government highlighted the havoc wreaked by single-use plastics on public utilities, especially during and after the rainy season. The decision aims to curb the negative impact on the environment, aquatic life, and public health. Wahab expressed disappointment in producers’ failure to comply with the law, leading to the government’s intervention.

Chairman of Isolo Local Council Development Area, Mr. Olasoju Adebayo, urged residents to support the ban, emphasizing the threat posed by banned plastics to both the environment and public health. The council pledged full support for the enforcement of the ban and plans comprehensive awareness programs targeting plastic producers and distributors.

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