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Labour Awaits Decision on Minimum Wage Talks

Labour Awaits Decision on Minimum Wage Talks

The deadlock in negotiations over a new national minimum wage has left Labour looking to President Bola Tinubu and the National Assembly for a resolution. Despite the Federal Government’s raised offer of N62,000, Labour stands firm on its demand for N250,000.

The disagreement, which culminated in a nationwide strike, reflects the broader challenges facing the economy, with concerns over the impact of wage increases and the return of fuel subsidy. However, Labour remains resolute, emphasizing the need for a living wage to alleviate the hardships faced by Nigerian workers.

Meanwhile, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has expressed grave concerns over the Senate’s characterization of the strike as economic sabotage, urging a more constructive approach to addressing workers’ grievances.

As the deadline for the conclusion of talks approaches, Labour awaits Tinubu’s decision on the proposed minimum wage. The NLC and TUC leaders, currently attending a conference in Geneva, will convene a National Executive Council meeting upon their return to determine their next steps based on the president’s response.

With the fate of the minimum wage hanging in the balance, both sides await a resolution that balances the needs of workers with the economic realities facing the nation. The decision taken by President Tinubu will undoubtedly shape the path forward for Labour and the broader Nigerian workforce.

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