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I Received $30M For Helping Gov’t Recover $300M – Afe Babalola

I Received $30M For Helping Gov’t Recover $300M – Afe Babalola

Renowned lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Aare Afe Babalola, recently shared insights into some of his significant legal fees. In a recent interview with radio talk show host Daddy Freeze, Babalola revealed notable cases, including one where he received $30 million for assisting the government in recovering $300 million from banks.

During the conversation, Babalola also mentioned an appeal case in the 80s, where he charged Mobile $5 million. Despite an initial rejection by Mobile, who opted for another lawyer that charged them N500,000 and lost the case, they later returned to Babalola. The company acknowledged their mistake and sought his legal expertise, agreeing to his initial fee. Babalola not only received the fee but also secured a favorable outcome for Mobile, cementing a lasting client relationship.

Another intriguing case involved a deal with the government, where Babalola negotiated a 10% commission for recovering $300 million from a syndicate of banks embroiled in a legal battle with the government.

Babalola’s revelations shed light on the complexities and successes in his legal career, demonstrating the value of his services in high-stakes legal matters.

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