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“I Am An Armed Robber, Not A Kidnapper” – Chinaza Philip Okoye

"I Am An Armed Robber, Not A Kidnapper" - Chinaza Philip Okoye

A suspected criminal, Chinaza Philip-Okoye, who is believed to be involved in criminal activities in Abuja, has asserted that he identifies as an armed robber, not a kidnapper.

Chinaza made this statement during an interview with reporters on Wednesday, where he was presented alongside other criminal suspects at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police command. He shared details about the incident that led to his arrest, providing insights into his association with other members of the gang who are currently evading law enforcement.

He said: “I want to categorically state that I’m not a kidnapper, I am not a kidnapper. We only patrol at night and collect cars, and we take them to Kano for sale.

“That night, our aim was to rob the man and take his car, but I was surprised that after we collected his car, yellow who is like our leader, asked the man to enter the back of the car. I didn’t know why he did that, and I couldn’t argue with him, so we were driving to Kano before the police caught up with us in Kaduna where I was arrested.”

The Nigeria Police Force had on Saturday, paraded Chinaza Philip-Okoye on a stretcher at the Force Intelligence Response Team base, Guzape, Federal Capital Territory.

It was gathered that the suspect sustained serious injuries after he was shot by police officers following the interception of his gang at a fueling station on Thursday night.

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